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Vaito Asomua

Associate Osteopath

Through sport and physical education, I have developed a keen interest in how the body functions. In my adolescent years playing rugby highlighted the need to be strong and move without limitation. Wanting to learn more about movement and strength, I became a personal trainer and since then I have thoroughly enjoyed working with people to achieve their goals through fitness and osteopathy.

Osteopathy allows for the perfect blend of exercise prescription and manual techniques, all with the intention of moving better to allow the body to self-heal. I believe that movement is medicine and when we move well, we thrive no matter what age or level of ability.

Becoming an osteopath has taught me that there is no such thing as” one size fits all” when it comes to helping people move well, and I have been afforded the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people from various backgrounds. I recognise that every individual is unique and requires a personalised approach to treatment and management.

My approach to treatment is to work together to restore function and rebuild confidence in your body to better manage the aches and pains hindering your ability to perform daily living activities.

I completed my education at the Ara Institute of Canterbury, where I attained a bachelor’s degree in musculoskeletal health and a postgraduate diploma in osteopathy.

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