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Picture of Craig Dalton, Massage Therapist.

Craig Dalton Manual Therapy

Craig Dalton

Massage Therapist

It all began in 2015 when I quit my 10-year engineering career to embark on a career in soft tissue therapy. After injuring my lower back during martial arts training and experiencing the benefits of massage therapy, I made the decision to retrain. In 2017, I qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy from the Oxford School of Sports Massage, and I continue to study at Ara Institute of Canterbury, having completed my first year of the Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Health. As a registered therapist with Massage New Zealand, my clients can access the Southern Cross Easy-Claim service. In my spare time, I enjoy skateboarding, mountain biking, martial arts, animal flow and board games!

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Michaelah Polegato


I work with women who are seeking natural rejuvenation, and who want to be freed from emotional and physical pain so that they can thrive in their personal and professional life. You lack drive and vitality and feel you are not enough
for your family, your friends, and moreover yourself. You may be in transition personally or professionally, be in a challenging relationship, or have a chronic disease. Every stressor in your life contributes to physical and/or emotional pain directly affecting your quality of life.

Michaelah has been practicing wellness for 25 years supporting women with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Natural Facial Rejuvenation and Art of Feminine Presence certifications - encouraging women to know and own their wisdom within - to be seen, to be heard, and inspire change.

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022 191 8949

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Picture of Michaelah Polegato, Wellness Practitioner.
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