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Sports Injury

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At MK Osteopathy, we understand that sports injuries can happen suddenly or develop over time. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our osteopathic treatments can help manage pain, promote rehabilitation, and prevent re-injury.

Our Philosophy

We believe that optimal performance requires a balance of strength and flexibility, which is why our treatment approach addresses muscle balance and joint mobility. Our team of qualified osteopaths provides personalized stretching and strengthening plans to support your individual needs.

But our support does not end there. Our team of osteopaths have decades of experience and therefore are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries, from sprains and strains to rotator cuff tears. We will also help you identify incidental factors that may impact your performance, such as muscles imbalance, breathing techniques and alignment.

Types of Sports Injuries We Treat

If you happen to be an athlete or simply just enjoy engaging in an active lifestyle, we have got you covered when it comes to the array of injuries that we treat. If you fall into one of the categories below, then consider contacting our office and scheduling an appointment so that you can be on your way to tip-top shape again.

  • Tendiditis

  • Muscle Strains

  • Ligament Injuries

  • Groin and Hip Pain

  • Foot, Ankle and Knee Sprains

  • And more

Whether you roll over your ankle, tear a ligament, or increase the training load on your muscles and joints, our specific osteopathic and myofascial techniques will help you rehabilitate and prevent re-injury.

These techniques happen to be effective because it works synergistically to equalize muscle use and mobilize joints appropriately. We work closely with our patients to develop customized home exercise programs. So that they can receive the proper education about lifestyle changes to support the healing and recovery process.

So, needless to say, becoming a healthy athlete again requires you to increase proper muscle coordination, balance, strength and flexibility in which your body parts operate. Doing so will significantly reduce your risk of further injury and further improve your ability to perform at levels above your competition.

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