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Luke Memory

Associate Osteopath

My fascination with osteopathy was ignited through personal experience when I sought treatment for both acute and chronic injuries. The remarkable outcomes I witnessed, coupled with the profound underlying principles of osteopathic practice, left an indelible impression on me.

After dedicating numerous years to a career in the retail industry and nearly a decade immersed in the world of martial arts, specifically Bujinkan, I cultivated an extensive interest in understanding the intricate relationship between posture and its complex influence on the body's functionality, healing processes, and mobility.

Assisting others in their healing journey and enabling them to return to the activities they cherish, while enhancing their overall quality of life, has become my paramount aspiration.

My time spent studying and treating patients at the Ara Osteopath Clinic has been deeply rewarding. Witnessing patients' triumph over pain and progress towards achieving their optimal posture has been a source of great personal fulfillment.

I derive immense satisfaction from addressing a diverse range of concerns, spanning from chronic and sports-related discomfort to acute injuries, and extending my care to individuals from the earliest stages of life to those enjoying their golden years.

In my leisure hours, you'll find me at the gym, dedicated to weightlifting, as it helps me maintain my own physical well-being and agility.

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